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ION Construction and Student Drop -Off

While the ION construction continues at the front of Cameron, the Region of Waterloo has requested that parents refrain from dropping their students off at the front of the school adjacent to Charles St. It is requested that parents use the student parking lot located south of Stirling St. and may also be accessed from either Stirling or Kent streets. We anticipate this situation to continue well into the fall before the construction on Charles St. at Cameron is completed. Thank you for your continued support and for making our school a little safer for our students.

Please find attached a map of pedestrian crossings that will be maintained during construction.

School – Cedar to Pandora West

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Update on Secondary Report Cards

Our secondary schools are experiencing OSSTF Support Staff labour sanctions, which are having an impact on regular school administrative operations. The OSSTF Support staff group includes secretaries, custodians, social workers, school monitors and in-school technicians. Generation and distribution of mid term report cards may be impacted at some schools. Be assured that a fully completed […]

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Update Regarding Community Use of Schools & Rentals

ESS/OSSTF and CAMA/OSSTF are currently in ongoing province-wide labour negotiations with the Government of Ontario and the Ontario Public School Boards Association (OPSBA). As a result, members of ESS/OSSTF and CAMA/OSSTF are taking part in a legal job sanctions. During these job sanctions, we have encountered situations where our usual service levels have been limited. […]

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OSSTF District 24 Ratify Local Agreement

We are pleased to announce that the Waterloo Region District School Board and OSSTF District 24 have ratified their local tentative agreement. The agreement will expire August 31, 2017. “The ratification of a local agreement with OSSTF is a demonstration of the hard work and dedication of all involved. Steady and respectful discussion on both […]

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Become Familiar with our Severe Weather Procedure

As the cold weather approaches, it’s important for everyone to be familiar with our Severe Weather Conditions procedure. There are some changes to the procedure for the 2015-16 school year: Frigid Temperatures: Schools will NOT automatically be closed when temperatures reach -35C or colder with wind-chill. While buses will not operate, the decision to close schools […]

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Friday, November 13 is a PA Day

Friday, November 13 is a Professional Activity Day for teachers. There will be no school for students. Elementary The morning of the PA Day, teachers will spend time in a staff meeting, focusing on student achievement and well-being. The afternoon is reserved for parent-teacher interviews. Teachers will be meeting with parents of children for whom […]

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