301 Charles Street East
Kitchener, Ontario, N2G 2P8
519-578-8330 Main Office
519-578-1376 Fax



Principal: Mr. D. Wilson
Vice Principals (Alpha Assignment)
Mr. F. Leung (Surnames A-G)

Mr. A. Blair (Surnames H-O)



Ms. C. Coe (Surnames P-Z)












 I can make my year count by being involved.

An Activities Card will get you:  Dances, School Teams, Clubs, Music Activities, Drama.
(Additional user fees may apply.)


I can make my course work count every day.
I can use a daily planner or homework journal.
I can keep organized notes, separated by subject.
I can bring materials required for class work (pen, pencil, ruler, calculator etc.)
I can ask for help when I need it; I know teachers are available for extra help.
I can attend regularly.
I can make sure I have a quiet place for study at home.


I can access supports in the school that will help.

I’m sick:  Attendance Secretary 519-578-8330 ex. 5516 (A-L) or 5517 (M-Z)
I’m in trouble with academics:  1.Parent, 2.Teacher, 3.Counsellor, 4.Student Success Teacher, 5.V.P.
I want to get involved:  1.SAC Representative, 2.Co-Chiefs, V.P.
I need help:  1.Counsellor, 2.V.P., 3.Nurse, 4.Police Liaison Officer, 5.Child & Youth Worker, 6.Social Worker
Emergency!  Any staff member, 911 on any school phone.
Information and Connection:  CHCI website

Make your year count…Our school motto is “Together as One”. 

How will you show this in your actions this year?