We have found from our experience that these days are tremendously beneficial to our students’ well-being and provide an opportunity for both remediation and deeper understanding on the topics covered in class.  Possible learning opportunities could include assessments (which could require in-person attendance), performances, conferences, completion of assignments, meeting with collaborative groups, as determined by each teacher.  Classroom teachers work with their students at assignment completion, and/or offer additional opportunities for students to demonstrate a skill or overall curriculum expectation that has been missed or requires further demonstration.

  • Students will be required to attend remotely (asynchronously or synchronously) or in-person, depending on the needs of the student.  Teachers will communicate with their students the expectation/schedule  for those days in advance.   Though many students may be working from home, students will be marked “present” for attendance purposes if they have engaged with the teacher (e.g. conferencing/feedback sessions; participation in the virtual classroom; submitting owed work; etc.).
  • Transportation will run at regular times.

ACE Classes:  Students in our ACE classes will continue to attend in-person on Instructional Support Days to help ensure that they have the support needed to continue their learning.