The process of building the Secondary Distance Learning Program for 2600 students has been one of both excitement and challenges. We are proud to announce that the complex task of assigning and hiring staff and ensuring students are in their courses is almost complete. We want to thank the community of families, students and home school staff for all their patience, flexibility and personal efforts to make this program happen.

What if my courses still aren’t correct?

Over 1700 course changes have been made by our staff in the last week. We are still working on just a few unusual circumstances, as well as entering courses for students who are new registrations to the board. If you haven’t had confirmation or contact with a teacher from a course you are expecting, please connect with your home school guidance counsellor as soon as possible, and we will work with them to get it resolved as quickly as possible.

How can I learn about the program now that my child is in their courses?

Don’t forget to check our Secondary DLP guide, as we will continue to add information there. We’ve also made an opening assembly video for our parents, available on the SDLP website. Finally, your classroom teacher is now a great point of contact to learn more about the program and they are your contact for information about their course and expectations.

Why is there no AP, IB or Enhanced Programming?

While we tried to group these learners together so that they could collaborate, we are unable to offer these enhancements in the SDLP at this time. The requirements and curriculum changes are very different between the programs, and often special teacher training and course submissions to the organizing bodies are required. Whenever possible, teachers will allow students to explore their academic passions in open ended inquiry or assignments. Home schools will also be understanding when students return to their in person programs in terms of their retention in the programs and their final external examinations.


Please report when your student will be away from class

Remember, we take attendance at the SDLP on the same schedule as the home school’s in-person classes. Your attendance is noted when you are participating in the meets and activities done in the first and second learning blocks each course day. The schedule for a typical day is found here. Regular attendance is the best way to engage in your learning, and will lead to more connections, motivation and success in the course.

Parents and caregivers may report absences for illness, COVID-19 related reasons, appointments or parent and caregiver approved reasons in the following ways;

Adult students may use these same options. If a student is absent and we do not have the validation of the excused absence, a phone call will be made to the home. Parents and caregivers may validate upon receipt of the phone call by calling or emailing the number and email address above.

Who do I contact?

We always advise that your classroom teacher is your first line of contact for any information that is important to your child’s learning, assessment and engagement. Our teaching staff are expected to follow any accommodations the student has in place, and to provide any additional individualized support their learners need to be successful. They will connect to our SDLP admin and home school support staff to activate those teams when needed.

If you have any questions about courses for next quadmester, or transitioning to your home school for in-person learning next quadmester, please contact your home school guidance counselor and Vice-Principal. You will find their names or a contact number on their websites.

If you have any good news to share, questions about the program, or concerns that remain unanswered please contact our SDLP Principal ( or for surnames A-K Vice Principal Sandy Millar ( and surnames L-Z Vice Principal Kerri Berines (