Scholarships, Bursaries & Financial Aid


  • Scholarships are based on academic achievement, although financial need may also be considered.
  • Bursaries are based primarily on financial need, but academic standing may be considered.
  • Grants are used to assist a student in his or her studies. Repayment is not required.

Scholarship Nomination Resume

In order to be considered by the CHCI Awards Committee for scholarships requiring a school nomination, please complete the form below, print it and return it to Mrs Little in the Guidance office.  Take note of the deadlines. Please be aware that most scholarships requiring a nomination only allow one nomination per school, therefore, read all instructions carefully before starting and provide answers that are detailed and thorough.  Feel free to add to each section if required.



See our list of school sponsored scholarships below:

See our list of general scholarships available to all students below:


All universities have scholarships and awards that are available to first-year students. Visit eINFO, click on the link “Further Information” and then click on Scholarships and Awards.


 Ontario Student Assistance Program:

 Student Awards: Visit site

 CanLearn: Visit for information on scholarships and bursaries as well as advice on financing and budgeting

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