RLP: Grade 9 and 10 pre-IB and Grade 11 and 12 IB courses will not be available through the Remote Learning Program.

Information for our NEW GRADE 9s (Sept 2021)

The first day of school for grade 9 and 10 students is Tuesday, September 7. You will receive your timetable then!

Please watch this video and check back to our new website for Grade 8 students who are transitioning to Cameron Heights in September.  We can’t wait to meet you!

Video:  Grade 8 Virtual Orientation

Website:  Welcome to CHCI

Update Regarding IB Fees: Due to COVID, IB fee payments must be made through School Day

Current grade 9s paying for grade 9 fees: Pay the $400 fee through School Day by October 30, 2021

Current grade 10s paying for grade 10 fees: Please pay $400 by October 30, 2021.

Current grade 11s paying for grade 11: Full Diploma students pay $1300 in School Day. Please pay by October 30, 2021.

Partial (Course) grade 11 students pay in School Day. Amount varies depending on # of courses. Please pay by October 30, 2021.

Current grade 12s paying for grade 12: Full Diploma students pay $1300 in School Day. Please pay by October 30, 2021.

Partial (Course) grade 12 students pay in School Day. Amount varies depending on # of courses. Please pay by October 30, 2021.

***PLEASE NOTE: IB Exam registration will be completed by November 5, 2021 for Year 1 (grade 11) and Year 2 (grade 12) students. Students must have completed the IB exam declaration and have paid the IB fees by October 30, 2021. Refunds are not be possible after November 5, 2021 should there be any course changes for grade 12 students. Please email Mr. Ramzan (nazim_ramzan@wrdsb.ca) if you need to switch anything for grade 12 IB. 


Please see our “For Parents” Page for more helpful presentations about IB and supporting your student.

Extended Essay and CAS Info for Parents-May 2019–This information was presented at our last CIBPA meeting for this school year.

Here are some links to helpful Course Selection Info by GRADE:

Course Selection for Grade 9 going into 10 Pre IB students

Course Selection for Grade 10 going into 11 IB students

Course Selection for Grade 11 IB students

Curious about our IB Diploma and Certificate Success Rate?

Highlights from May 2019 Examination Session

  • 235 students wrote IB examinations in May of 2019 at CHCI (grade 11 and 12 students).
  • Our highest score was 43/45 points and our average score on the Diploma was 35/45 (equals 92% average across all Grade 12 4U IB courses!). The world average IB score is 29/45.  CHCI IB well exceeds that world average.
  • 96% of those students were successful on their examinations.
  • 71% of IB Bio students scored 93% +; 23% scored 97% +
  • 64% of IB English students scored 93% +
  • 43% of IB Physics students scored 93% +; 21% scored 97% +
  • 71% of IB Math students scored 93% +; 38% scored 97% +
  • 64% of IB Business Management students scored 93% +; 12% scored 97% +
  • 68% of IB French students scored 93% +
  • 62% of IB Psychology students scored 93% +


Interested in University Application Info and Scholarships?

JOIN THE GOOGLE CLASSROOM for your grade, and see the GUIDANCE PAGE!  All the info you need can be found there.  University applications, admissions and scholarships require RESEARCH in advance.  Please don’t get left behind!  Plan your future.

Is Medical School in your future?  Here is a new resource available for parents and students:  Just What the Doctor Ordered

International Student Exchanges

IB students who are interested in student exchange programs must be cautious of WHEN they embark on the exchange.  The Full Diploma program must be completed in two years, so Full Diploma students need to consider exchanges in grades 9 or 10 OR in the summers.  Grade 11 and 12 Full Diploma students MAY NOT miss the class time due to an exchange.  Here is a Board approved program to check out if you are interested in an exhange: ISE Ontario International Student Exchange

IB Fee Receipts

Notice to all parents regarding Fee Receipts:  IB Fees cannot be used for tax purposes. See the information provided under “For Parents” regarding Canada Revenue. Consequently, receipts will only be issued to parents who request a fee receipt, as a way to cut down on paper use.  You may email julie_clancy@wrdsb.ca for a receipt for fees paid for the current school year (2020-2021). Receipts are available for payments made through SchoolDay.

Cameron Heights IB Parent Association 

Looking For Volunteer Opportunities?

Volunteer Opportunities City Kit

IB Pathways for University

Many IB students are unsure which IB courses they should take to pursue a variety of University programs.  This chart outlines our recommendations.  IB Pathways for University

If you have more questions about Course Selection for Grade 9, 10 or 11 IB, please see the Course Selection information on our Guidance Page.  All Course Selection Information can be found there.

Is your family planning a holiday?

Please be aware that we discourage parents/guardians from taking students out of school for family travel. We can not guarantee that a student’s progress and success will not be hurt by this.  The IB programme requires that a specific number of instructional hours be completed by students.  Before planning your holiday, please check our School Year Calendar to determine school holidays.  If you plan to remove your student from classes, please contact the appropriate Vice Principal.

CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service)

Introduction of CAS to Grade 11s                    


Completing CAS during COVID. We are looking forward to all of the creative ways that our students are completing their CAS responsibilities during COVID. More information will be shared with you this year. During this time, parents may act as the adult supervisors for CAS experiences.

Year 2 Full Diploma Students (Grade 12):  Please continue to update your ManageBac experiences, add your reflections and upload your evidence.  Email Ms. Clancy for any CAS questions.

Year 1 Full Diploma Students (Grade 11): Welcome emails for ManageBac will be sent to your school gmail account in the summer. Every Year 1 Full Diploma student must add at least one CAS experience by October 31 of Grade 11 to ensure you understand the process.   Please see Ms. Clancy for all CAS related questions.


Please contact Julie Clancy at Cameron Heights if you have questions about the IB Programme.


519-578-8330 ext 5519