You can access your final IB results at Your results will be published on July 6 at 11 am.

You will need your Personal Code and PIN. These were shared with you earlier this year. As explained, you will not be able to get this from me in July. I will be back in the office on August 25 if you are not able to locate this information.

Candidate Results Pack from IB

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Students wishing to have their final IB results sent to a University or College should complete the Request for Results Google Form that is posted in the Grade 12 Google Classroom. The IBO will provide this service for ONE institution. The form needs to be completed by June 7, 2023 so that we can get this information to the IBO in time. If you need results sent to an overseas school, you will need to complete the form by May 31, 2023.

In July, upon receiving the Final IB Results, the universities will receive an official IB transcript sent by the IBO. This will usually be sent via email. The student must follow up with their University Registrar regarding transfer credits. Most universities require students to complete a form requesting transfer credits. You should do this in September when you arrive at the University of your choice.

If you miss the deadline or if you have graduated, or wish to send additional transcripts, they can be ordered by YOU to be sent directly to other universities. After the deadline, IBO will not communicate results to anyone other than the student.  The IB Coordinator MAY NOT act on behalf of the student.  This is why it is CRUCIAL to meet the deadlines and to keep your Personal Code and PIN for communication with IBO.

Visit for information on how to order your own transcripts.  Here is a link to the actual FORM to order those transcripts: . IBO will charge you a fee for this service and there are online payment options. To order additional IB transcripts from IBO, you will need your Personal Code and PIN. These were handed out in February by the IB Coordinator. If you have lost your Personal Code and PIN, contact the IB Coordinator.  Be sure to indicate your FINAL Examination Session Date (eg. May 2023) in your communication with the Coordinator.