Welcome to Cameron Heights’ Student Activities Homepage!!  Student Activities is a club designed to enhance our school spirit, student involvement and the overall climate of our school community.  There are a number of activities throughout the school year in which you can participate and help keep Cameron the awesome place that it is!!  Be sure to attend our annual Turkey Bowl, Halloween Contests, Semi Formal, and Junefest to name a few.  Take a look at our calendar to see what is coming up each month.  Don’t forget about our weekly charity collections and our month long Empty Stock Fund to raise money for local families in need.  If you remember from your grade 9 Orientation:

“High school goes by in a blink.  There are 3 types of people….those who make things happen (join Student Council), those who watch things happen (come to the events and be a part of the fun!) and those who, at the end of it all, wonder what happened.”  Get involved!!!

2020-2021 Co-Chiefs:

Matthew Hernandez, Maria Neculau, Sven-Emil Poulsen, Cecelia Schaeffer


Grade 9 Google Meets:

Each month we will be hosting fun events for our grade 9 students where they can connect with SAC/Link leaders. These meets will have elements of fun, information, resources and more.  This is a great way for our grade 9’s to stay connected.  Check out our instagram (@CHCIactivities) as well as the grade 9 google classroom.  (Code is wz4j2rv)

CHCI Games Night:

Come to our games night!  Tons of fun and all in a safe, virtual manner.  Join the Games Night Google Classroom:  (5dt7fns).

Exams & Summative:

We are approaching the end of Quad 3 – be sure to stay on top of your studies.  Ask for help!!

Lunch Hour Events:

Every Wednesday at lunch we will run a challenge activity.  Check out our instagram account (@CHCIactivities) as well as your grade’s google classroom for weekly events.

Want to Join Student Council?

Here is the form to join.  Applications are due March 31st.


Spirit Wear:

The new Cameron Heights spirit wear is here! Email Mrs. Carmichael if you would like to purchase some.  All images are on School Day!



Student Council Applications:

CO-CHIEF Package:

SAC/Link Leader applications:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfnpYiW7M-UomqQsmWT_riYu6RhGdDwu2fpPnFPooR4Vxaovw/viewform?usp=sf_link