International Student Exchange Program

If you are planning to do the FULL IB Diploma, student exchanges need to be completed in Grades 9 or 10 OR in the Summers. Full Diploma Students can not miss time in Grade 11 or 12 for an exchange.  Here is a company that might be able to assist you:  ISE Ontario International Student Exchange

Junior Achievement of Waterloo Region

  • Program recruitment is happening now
  • Go to for more information
  • This is a GREAT CAS activity!

Yale Young Global Scholars

If you are interested in this program, please check their website:

The Youth Ambassadors Program:

 Many of today’s students, some of them with advanced intellectual ability, require learning experiences beyond those found in the regular high school program. At Cameron, enrichment for these students is provided for within the IB Programme by focussing on the concepts of flexibilityperspective, and extension.

Flexibility in terms of pace, depth and breadth of study is an integral part of the student’s enriched high school program. Because they are able to progress more quickly than most, these students have the option to negotiate the pace of their learning thus providing the opportunity to pursue in greater detail topics that are of specific interest to them. Differentiated Math, English, Science, and French are all offered.

Perspective also helps to make Cameron’s enrichment experience unique because the educational journey for our students is viewed through the framework of internationalism. Culture sharing, social justice and conflict resolution are the operative constructs in all enriched classes. Learners are exposed to a curriculum that transcends the traditional boundaries of the classroom to include the realities of the global community.

Extension activities, in addition to our broad range of extra-curricular possibilities, are opportunities specifically arranged for our gifted students. These programs include:

  • Advanced Placement Programs
  • Colloquium Series
  • Cultural Exchanges
  • Global Vision
  • Math League Contests
  • Science Fair
  • Shad Valley Conference
  • University Articulation
  • Writers’ Workshop
  • Youth Challenge International

A complete list of opportunities is available from our Enrichment Resource Centre.

The end result of our enriched learning environment is a unique and stimulating educational experience that responds to the needs, interests and abilities of those students who are seeking a more relevant and interesting window on the world.