Grade 8 Q&A

  • Q: I am trying to register and the form says that I need to show original documents. What do I do?
  • A: Please complete the form without showing us the documents for now. Due to Covid, we cannot allow visitors into the school. We may ask you to present these documents at a later date.
  • Q: I have submitted the registration, but I’m not sure it was received. (or: I have asked for confirmation, but haven’t heard back.)
  • A: Please be patient as we process all of the registrations. We will contact you if you accepted a seat, but we haven’t received it.
  • Q: How do I register for grade 9 courses? 
  • A: For WRDSB students, your Guidance Counsellors will have more information for you. Course selection starts in MyWay on February 26 and closes on March 23. Please visit our “Future Grade 9s”  site on our main page as well as the links under the Guidance tab. For non-WRDSB students, our Guidance Counsellors will complete your course selections based on your application information. If you wish to make a change, you may contact your CHCI Counsellor (see list) beginning on February 26.
    • Please note that there have been a couple of changes to course codes.
  • Q: How do I pay the grade 9 IB fees?
  • A: You will register for a School Day account in September 2021 and make the payment before October 30, 2021 ($400).

Course info:

A. Compulsory Courses
English ENG1DW
French FSF1DW*
Geography CGC1DW
Mathematics MTH1WI (Grade 9 math will be de-streamed in 2021-2022 for all Ontario students; all students will have access to enhanced learning)
Science SNC1DW
B. Elective Courses All IB students select 3 elective courses. In order to satisfy ministry diploma requirements, students must choose at least 2 courses from section A. Note: If two Business courses (BBI1OI and BTT1OI) are chosen from section A, then the 3rd choice must also be selected from section A. Otherwise, the 3rd choice can be from section A or B.
Section A
Drama ADA1OI
Music AMU1OI (replacing AMI1OI AMV1OI)
Visual Arts AVI1OI
Intro to Business BBI1OI
Information and Communication Technologies in Business BTT1OI
Phys Ed PPL1OX (female) or Phys ed PPL1OY (male) (*strongly recommended for grade 9)
Section B
Computer Programming ICS2OI
Family Studies HIF1OI
Computer Technologies TEJ1OI
Technologies TIJ1OI
*We are strongly recommending that Francophone school, French Immersion, and KW Bilingual students choose FSF2DW (grade 10 French) instead of FSF1DW in grade 9. This will allow for an additional elective in grade 10. There will not be a placement test this year.



IB at Cameron: More about IB at Cameron will be published with our Grade 8 information on December 1, 2020 (see main page of CHCI website).

Future Grade 9 Info Video

Grade 8 IB Presentation December 2020

Application Phase (December 1 to January 12; please submit as early as possible)

By January 12th, CHCI IB will have received the following online forms: the online IB Application and the confidential online Teacher Commentary.

Notification of Acceptance (ON February 12, 2021)* revised date

An IB Admissions Committee will review each application and grant acceptance to those students who qualify in terms of academic record, learning skills and work habits, and teacher recommendation. These students will be notified of their acceptance into the program by email, which will be sent ON February 12, 2021, and successful applicants will be offered a seat in the program.

Confirmation (February 19, 2021)* revised date

Students must confirm their seat in the IB Programme by returning the offer to CHCI by completing the Google Form and by notifying their elementary home school by February 19, 2021. As per the WRDSB System Memo: ES 052, Students who do not communicate their intention by the deadline will automatically be declined admission to the programme. 

Course Selections for grade 8 students selecting grade 9 courses (February 26  – March 23, 2021)

Students who have accepted the offer, must complete the course selection process in My Way. Non-WRDSB students will complete the registration process differently. We will email instructions with our offers.

IB Application Process for the 2021-2022 School Year (Current grade 8 students) 

  1. Complete the online application for 2021-2022 (Apply Now button below).
    • You will need to upload a copy of your grade 7 report card from June (and grade 8 Interim Report, if available) and make your grade 9 course selections. (see course descriptions here) If accepted, you will need to register for these courses in My Way. Non-WRDSB students will receive a fillable PDF to return via email.
  2. Send your teacher or guidance counsellor (just ONE) the link to the Confidential Teacher Commentary Form (available Dec. 1) and ask for the form to be completed by January 12, 2021.
  3. Let your guidance counsellor know that you have applied.

Please note: We typically receive over 400 applications for 225 seats. We are unable to respond to phone or email inquiries checking to see if we have received everything or for an update on admission status.

(If you do not currently have an OEN number because you attend a private school, please just put 000-000-000 in the online application as a place holder. If your school board uses a different format for report cards, you can skip the section asking for subject grades. Please upload the most recent report.)


DUE DATE:  January 12, 2021 (application window now closed)

LATE APPLICATION FORM for students applying to CHCI grade 9 pre-IB from grade 8 (September 2021 admission). We cannot guarantee admission for late applicants.




Late Application (applying after Grade 9)

Students new to the region and the WRDSB may submit applications after the deadline, for review on a case by case basis. We cannot guarantee admission for late applicants.

APPLICATION FORM for students applying to grade 10 or 11 (September 2021 admission). Please note that any student applying after grade 9 MAY NOT BE ELIGIBLE to play sports in WCSSAA for one full year . Check the WCSSAA website for more information.

Application to grade 10 or 11

Confidential Teacher Commentary Form (Send to ONE teacher – for applicants to grade 10 or 11)

Contact Information:

If you have questions, please contact Julie Clancy at

Students whose HOME SECONDARY SCHOOL is in Cambridge MUST apply to GPSS.

WHY IB?  A spokesperson from the Stanford University tells you why HERE

Presentation by UBC’s Admission Officer: IB Students and First Year University Performance


The Learner Profile is at the centre of the IB Diploma Programme.  This video illustrates the qualities that IB students have and will continue to grow and develop as they participate in the programme.

Are you ready to become an IB Student at Cameron Heights? Ask yourself this question and use the checklist to help you find the answer!

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions that Parents have about IB:  Parents’ FAQ about IB.

The goal of the IB Programme at Cameron Heights is to provide education for a better world.  We hope that watching this video will inspire you to join our quest.

IB Fees for FULL DIPLOMA – Incoming Grade 8 Students September 2021 — Fees are approximate and are subject to change.

(Students Graduating in June 2025)

Grade When Collected Amount
9 October 2021 – gr 9 $400
10 May 2022 – gr 9 $400
11 May 2023 – gr 10 $1200
12 May 2024 – gr 11 $1200
Total Fees Collected $3200

Fees for grade 9 are to be paid in School Day by October 30, 2021.