University and College Visits

  • See here for a list of when Universities and Colleges will be visiting CHCI:

Applying to University

  • To apply to university you will require certain pre-requisite courses.
  • Most commonly you will require six Grade 12 U or M credits.
  • Please see to research programs, admission, and pre-requisite requirements.

Ontario University Applications

For more information on how the OUAC Application process works, please see:

Important dates:

American University Applications

Are you interested in attending an American University?  Please see College Board for info on the SAT’s.

Students who plan to study in the United States must take the SAT test. It is important to begin the SAT process as early as Grade 11 in order to have sufficient time to prepare, take practice tests, get tutoring, if necessary, and then to be able to take the test as many times as necessary to get the score required for acceptance.