May 2024 CHCI IB Exam Schedule


Please Note:

IB Examinations are written ONLY by GRADE 11 and GRADE 12 IB students.  IB Examinations are set by the IBO, and not by Cameron Heights.  All IB examinations are for GRADES 11 and 12 students, and are held in May.  Students must write these exams at the time scheduled by IB.  No exceptions can be made without permission from the IBO and this permission is usually not granted.  Failure to write IB Exams at the scheduled time may result in the loss of IB Diploma/IB Certificates.  No refund of IB fees is possible for students who do not write IB Examinations and, in fact, additional fee penalties will be charged by the IBO to arrange deferment of IB Examinations.

An Exam Information Google Meet will be held for students in early April to go over rules for IB Examinations.