First IB Parent Association Meeting:  TUESDAY OCT. 22nd at 7 pm in CHCI Library

Extended Essay and CAS Info for Parents-May 2019

Course Selection PREP for JUNIORS

Here is a link to the slide show that may help with Course Selection

IB NUTS and BOLTS Feb 2019

  • More Course Selection Information can be found on this page (below), on our “For Students” Page and on our Guidance Page.

Click here: Mindfulness Presentation for IB Parents from our January CIBPA meeting

Notice to all parents regarding Fee Receipts:  IB Fees can not be used for tax purposes. Consequently, receipts will only be issued to parents who request a fee receipt, as a way to cut down on paper use.  You may email to request a receipt for fees paid for the current school year, or you may send your student to Guidance to request a receipt.


Please be aware that we do not encourage students to be taken out of school for family travel.  The IB programme requires that a specific number of instructional hours be completed by students.  Before planning your holiday, please view our School Calendar to determine school holidays.  If you plan to remove your student from classes, please contact the appropriate Vice Principal.


This group of parents meet monthly to discuss issues of concern to IB Parents.  The Association provides a forum to support the IB programme at Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute so that parents of IB students work closely with school staff to organize events and keep all IB parents informed.

Our Cameron Heights Calendar (on our home page) will have all the dates and times of the meetings once decided.

Please contact Julie Neeb at for more information about the IB Parent Association.


IB fees for current students in grades 10, 11 and 12 were due in May of 2019.

IB fees for our current grade 9 students are due on October 31, 2019.  School Day has the information for payment.


IB Fee Receipts for the current school year will be given to Grade 11 and Grade 12 IB students in February IF REQUESTED.  These fee receipts are not “tax” receipts, but are simply receipts for fees paid.  IB Fees are not eligible for Tax Receipts.  Revenue Canada’s website can provide you with more details. Refund cheques for students whose programme has changed are provided in DECEMBER of each school year.


The IB programme allows students to explore their personal and academic interests via the International Baccalaureate model. Depending on their post-secondary aspirations and learning goals, students have the option of completing individual IB courses or completing the full IB Diploma. Both program options are valuable and should be chosen based on individual student needs.  Please explore our “About” Page and our “IB Curriculum Summaries” Page to determine the best programme option for your child.

For a complete summary of our school profile, please read our IB School Profile 2015.

Course Selection for Grade 11 IB students

Course Selection for Grade 10 going into 11 IB students

Course Selection for Grade 9 going into 10 Pre IB students


Some other useful information for IB Parents and Potential IB Parents:

NEW!  IBO Parent Page:  IBO has created a new website area for parents of IB students.

Parents’ FAQ about IB

IB NUTS and BOLTS Powerpoint Feb 2018

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