Head of Athletics: Ms Sandy Fallis  519-578-8330

Coaches’ List (click here) 

WCSSAA Eligibility Transfer Form  – Needed if you move to Cameron after the first day of grade 9 and wish to play WCSSAA sports. See Ms Fallisin D169 gym office for assistance and/or your coach.

Winter Overlap gym tryouts and practice schedule

Go to the coaches’ list above for coaches names to email about tryouts.


CHAMPIONS CORNER  (2015-2018)   

BADMINTON WCSSAA Champion in Junior Girls Singles – Cynthia Zhang 2018
CROSS COUNTRY WCSSAA Overall Girls Champions 2015

WCSSAA Midget Girls Champions 2017 

WCSSAA Midget Girls Champions 2015 

WCSSAA Junior Girls Champions 2018 
WCSSAA Sr. Boys Overall Champions 2017
WCSSAA Sr. Boys Overall Champions 2015
CWOSSA Junior Girls Champions 2018 
Ofsaa Bronze Sr. Boys Andrew Shepherd
Sr. Boys Volleyball

Ofsaa Sportsmanship Award 2016

CWOSSA Champions 2016

WCSSAA Champions 2015

Jr. Boys Soccer WCSSAA Champions 2015
Jr. Boys Soccer 

WCSSAA Champions 2018

CWOSSA Champions 2015

Sr. Tennis WCSSAA Champions 2015
Sr. Tennis CWOSSA Champions 2015 (co-winners with WCI)
Jr. Boys Swimming

WCSSAA Champions 2016

WCSSAA Champions 2017

Sr. Boys Swimming WCSSAA Champions 2015
Overall Boys Swimming WCSSAA Champions 2017
Girls Wrestling WCSSAA Champions 2016
Boys’ Wrestling WCSSAA Champions 2018
Jr. Girls Volleyball

WCSSAA Champions 2018

CWOSSA Champions 2018

WCSSAA Champions 2017

Sr. Girls Volleyball CWOSSA Champions 2016
Sr. Girls Volleyball Ofsaa Sportsmanship Award 2016
Track and Field

WCSSAA Overall Champions 2018

WCSSAA Champions 2016

WCSSAA Junior Girls Champions 2016

WCSSAA  Senior Girls Champions 2016, 2018

WCSSAA Midget Boys Champions 2018

WCSSAA Junior Boys Champions 2016, 2018

WCSSAA Senior Boys Champions 2016, 2018

WCSSAA Overall Girls Champions 2016, 2017

 Track and Field

CWOSSA Champions 2016: Overall Team

CWOSSA Senior Boys Champions 2016

Track and Field  Ofsaa Senior Boys Champions 2016
Sr. Boys’ Soccer

WCSSAA Champions 2018

CWOSSA Champions 2018

WCSSAA Champions 2017

CWOSSA Champions 2016

Championship Results

“Weight Room/Fitness Room”Cameron Heights Fitness Centre form to get signed

Form to use your car for student transportation –> fs-10-1a5_trans_of_students (For Transportation of Students in a passenger vehicle driven by Board Employees, Volunteers or Non-Board Employes, yes this means Parents)

Scotty Tattoo