Students – mostly in Grade 10, who are attempting the OSSLT for the first time – will write the assessment on the morning of Thursday, April 11th. This test is one way in which students may demonstrate the Literacy Graduation Requirement. The OSSLT will be administered in their homeroom classes, or in another designated writing space; students will be provided the entire morning to complete the test (with additional/extra time where required).

To aid students in preparing for the test, there will be a Practice Test opportunity provided on Thursday April 4th.. This opportunity will be similar in structure to the actual OSSLT being written on Thursday, April 11th.

On both April 4th & April 11th, classes for all other, non-OSSLT writing students will proceed as usual. Both days will be regular, instructional days.

To prepare for and feel more comfortable accessing this online assessment, students are also encouraged to complete the following activities (some time to complete these activities will also be provided during their afternoon classes):

Review the format and tools available by previewing the practice test:

Scavenger Hunt – an activity to help you get prepared.
Tools and Resources – review to get yourself ready for the test
Preparing for the OSSLT
Try the practice test which can be found at: Practice Lit test

Students are encouraged, if they have any questions, to connect with their Homeroom teachers.