Baby Photos


  • Your photo must be submitted before the March 31 deadline.
  • A selection process of the best baby photos may occur depending on the number of submissions.

Submit Your Photo In Person

  • You can submit a hard copy of your photo to the SAC office. Please tape a piece of paper to the back of your photo with your name and home room. We will scan your images and return them to your home room teacher promptly. Unfortunately, we cannot be held responsible for lost photos. If you are concerned, please submit a digital copy.

Submit Your Photos Online

  • Submit your baby photos online using the link below. 
  • Your file should be named:  YourFirstName, YourLastLame.jpg. Files not named accordingly will not be easily identifiable and may not be used in the yearbook.
  • We cannot print images under copyright. If the photo was taken by a professional photographer, ensure that submitting the photo to be used in the yearbook is part of the photographer’s acceptable use policy. You (or your parents) accept legal responsibility for your submitted photo.
  • Our printer requires the use of high quality digital or scanned images. If you are using your phone to scan your image, we recommend Google PhotoScan on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.