DUE DATES:  May 2019 Candidates

TOK Essay: work periods and staggered submission:

 First Work Period: Wednesday November 21st Block A in 328 and 330 –First Reflection DUE on ManageBac

Second Work Period: Wednesday November 28th Block A in 328 and 330 

Three work periods will be scheduled by your History/Psych teachers. 

Rough DraftDUE  Wednesday December 12, 2018–if your rough draft is not in by this date, you are relinquishing your right to receive feedback on how to improve your essay–hand in to your History/Psych Teacher. You will receive your rough draft back prior to Christmas holidays. On this date, you should also write your second reflection on ManageBac for TOK.

Final DraftDUE  MONDAY JANUARY 14, 2019 (Hand a hard copy in to your History/Psych Teacher and submit final draft to Turn It In). You should also complete your final reflection on ManageBac by this date.

TKPPFDUE TMONDAY JANUARY 14, 2019 on ManageBac–be sure all three interactions/reflections are complete.

For your TOK Presentation Planning Form–Please USE ManageBac and SAVE!


Prescribed Titles for May 2019 TOK Essay

For your TOK ESSAY PLANNING Document, please USE ManageBac and SAVE!


TOK Essay Rubric


2017 The anatomy of the ToK essay

TOK-Essay-Outline  Example  (1)

Scaffolded TOK Essay Planning Template Example (2)

Another TOK Essay Outline Example (3)

Another TOK Essay Outline Example (4)

Graphic for Unpacking TOK essay

Speciman Titles and how to answer

Common Mistakes in the TOK essay

TOK concepts REVIEW

Knowledge Framework Overview :  This is a powerpoint to help you review the Knowledge Framework.

tok-knowledge-framework-assignment :  If you need a refresher on Knowledge Framework, here it is!